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Hey guys,

I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile, and since I’ve been working pretty late and most of this “work” consists of waiting for a machine I decided I would give it a shot. If you can’t tell I love Say Anything, they are my favorite band of all time, but I am passionate about all kinds of music and don’t get to geek out about how much I love different albums, songs, artists, as often as I would like. To remedy this I am going to start writing reviews about some of my favorite albums (eventually,movies, TV shows, beers, and other shit I am obsessed about)

To begin, I am going to tell you guys about one of my favorite Say Anything albums, For Sale…. This was the EP that predated arguably their most popular album, …Is a Real Boy. This is one of my favorite Say Anything albums for a couple reasons: the first, it has “Belt,” “Woe,” and “Alive with The Glory of Love.” The second reason, “Slumming It With Johnny” is an amazing song, that I don’t think a lot of Say Anything fans know of. I know when I saw them live for the 3rd time (I think it was the third, I’ve now seen them live 6 times to date, hopefully making it 7 in December), they started playing this song and it blew my mind, I was convinced I had the whole Say Anything discography at that point but had missed this EP.

I won’t spend much time talking about the three songs from …Is a Real Boy, I will probably just write another review for that album in the future. I am however going to fanboy so hard over “Slumming It With Johnny” right now.

Everything about this song is gold. It is unique, even among Say Anything’s wide repertoire, it features a fairly simple, but catchy, guitar riff and drum line through the majority of the song. The chorus is incredibly catchy, and is really just a filler between the awesome verses of Max Bemis commentary.

Me and John rode out from ocean heading east
I had to see with my own eyes the factories
I’m bugging out
We’ve never strayed this far
Right out of town southeast and down
Inside my filthy car
But when we got there all we saw were more malls and marble mansions
In emerald parks the singing larks proclaimed the great expansion
There is no beautiful garbage
They cleared it up already
Tears roll out the eyes and though I cry I hold the wheel steady

I really like the opening verses and the feeling of venturing into parts unknown. Wanting to explore and see the world for what it really is, is something I feel on a nearly daily basis, you can see why this verse really speaks to me. The disappoint of the “beautiful garbage” being “cleared up already” is another thing I identify with. I love old architecture and historical places, and get really upset when I see places like that being torn down for a new CostCo or some other bullshit (True story near where I live actually)

My father still fighting with his trophy unfaithful spouse
I hear the echo now I see it somewhere else
A thousand ways, a thousand days, a thousand towns across the commonwealth
Out on a date but like a dog she smells the fear and runs
And still we make our cheap tortured artists are no fun
I dream of anger, sex, unnurtured I succeed but still
Soon I’ll be popping pills
This emptiness will not be filled or caved

The middle verse definitely continues to portray Bemis’ general unhappiness with his life. Even more than that really, Max is pretty open about his mental health problems, having issues both with bipolar disorder and anxiety, another reason why I love and look up to him. The last line is really applicable to anyone that has ever dealt with depression, or other mental health problems, I know it has for me.

Look at the earth
It’s just so green
Perhaps it’s envious of all the galaxies it’s seen
Where forces swirl in symbiotic harmony
Free of the taint, the gas, and paint of parasites like me
Keep using love as the excuse for why we’re fat and lazy
Wait to grow old, like we’ve been told
Go bald, go west and crazy
This is so pointless it actually holds up our evolution
Sing it to the bastards

This is by far my favorite verse of the whole song. The imagery of the Earth in space and all the other galaxies is something that has always given me chills. It also portrays something that I feel pretty strongly about, and that’s how shitty humans have been at taking care of the planet that sustains us. This song, more than most Say Anything songs, really focuses on what Max thinks is wrong with the world around him, and less about relationships between people.

Well, sorry for the long rant, but I’m bored. Hope you enjoy it. I would definitely suggest looking this EP up if it isn’t already in your library.

Rock on guys!








The Ocean Array Plan. Devised by 19yo Boyan Slat, this passive system, if installed, could clean up both The Great Pacific Garbage Patch & The North Atlantic Garbage Patch. Sort of like an anchored Roomba for the ocean…


"Although extensive feasibility studies are currently being conducted, it has been estimated that through the selling of plastic retrieved over the five years, the money would surpass the initial cost to execute the project. In other words, it may even be potentially profitable. Because the main deterrent to implement large scale cleanup projects is due to the financial cost, this solution could perhaps pave ways for future innovations of global cleanup to also be invented.”

This is huge.

I approve of this. Hopefully a system can be set up where all profits from this project go back into cleanup efforts


Ocean Roomba FTW.

U guys hear about the ocean roomba

DJ Ocean Roomba in the house!!!


Sticking tape on a frosted glass makes it see through. Air and glass have a very different refractive index, so if you have a rough glass surface, the incoming light is scattered in all directions, thus blurring the image you see through it.

Tape has a similar refractive index as glass, so if you stick it to frosted glass, the sticky material will fill out the little bumps in the glass. The non-sticky side is practically flat, so by sticking tape to the frosted side of glass that’s frosted on one side, you are essentially making it flat again, and making the glass clear. 


A Cathedral Made from 55,000 LED Lights

The Luminarie De Cagna is an imposing cathedral-like structure that was recently on display at the 2012 Light Festival in Ghent, Belgium. The festival was host to almost 30 exhibitions including plenty of 3D projection mapping, fields of luminous flowers, and a glowing phone booth aquarium, however with 55,000 LEDs and towering 28 meters high the Luminarie De Cagna seems to have stolen the show. ( via stijn coppens, sacha vanhecke, sector271)

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